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ISTE 2018- TED TALK- Rising from the Ashes: Building Understanding through trauma

Description: Explore how facing trauma head-on through conversation and communication can build understanding both within and beyond our communities.

A month later, and I am finally coming down from the "high" I call ISTE 2018. Although this is my 6th ISTE conference, this one was especially amazing, because I had the opportunity to take the national stage and share a TED talk. This was made possible through a new partnership with ISTE and TED-ED. I am honored to be part of the first cohort to pilot the online masterclass. This self-paced online course is designed to help educators develop their talk, and share their story. The most valuable part of this experience was working with a partner as we navigated through the course together. Having an additional person to gain feedback and support was powerful, and helped ease some of the anxiety, and allowed us both to be vulnerable and share. I learned through this process that we all have a story, experience, or message to share that can have a major impact on others. The added bonus was having the opportunity to share my talk at the ISTE 2018 opening keynote. This was a life-changing experience, and I highly recommend educators to sign-up for the fall masterclass so we can continue to share powerful messages and stories. Watch my TED Talk here

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