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Make Learning Powerful Through Digital Media

Digital Media in the classroom is powerful, because it has the ability to make the classroom come alive, and make meaningful learning experiences and connections. Video allows you to deliver long-lasting images, and reach children with various learning styles. But how do you make sure you’re keeping things fresh? Here are a three ways you can incorporate digital media projects in your classroom—on a daily basis. First, Jazz up student assessments. Tests come in all shapes and sizes—so why not incorporate some video this month into your assessment style? Students can show their learning in unique ways, such as by recording themselves reading a book, passage, or an essay that they wrote, or recording labs, or science experiments. Second, bring digital media into student projects and storytelling. And for the record, these projects don’t need to be confined to your own class; for example, students could use the following tools to showcase school events through student lead broadcast teams, or news channels. Finally, think about parent communication. Are you worried that parents aren’t reading your emails? Add excitement to a parent weekly newsletter or email by creating a video, instead. Using green screen apps like iMovie or Do Ink, you can create amazing video projects with your students that grabs any parent’s attention.

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