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Become a Legend, Make Learning Fun and Engaging

Our students now in elementary school have never had a time in their lives where mobile technology wasn't present. We are literally looking at the worst piece of technology our students will see in their lifetime. Technology will only get better, because we are constantly working to improve it and make it better. As educators, we need to embrace this reality, and allow our classroom learning experiences to mimic what our students encounter everyday.

As the school year ends, educators around the world share a common focus on preparing our students for standardized testing. The real test is finding ways to truly get your students excited about learning and showing what they know in non-traditional ways.

In recent years, game-based classrooms have been on the rise. There are so many options for incorporating game-based learning in your classroom, as enrichment, reinforcement, or to assess and master skills. I have used game based learning platforms like Kahoot!, Quizizz, and Quizlet, and they are awesome too, but they can be limited to rote memorization of facts.

Legends of Learning is a game based platform that highlights science curriculum for grades 3-8 in a fun way. Who doesn’t love to play games? With Legends of Learning, learning is the focus, and game play is secondary. As students learn more about the subject, their game performance increases. When this happens, students don’t even realize they are learning, and that’s what makes this resource useful. It’s also helpful that teachers have the option to play the games before they send them to students, which is a great added bonus because teachers like to play, too.

Legends of Learning can enhance a child’s science education and can differentiated as an extension of teaching practices for students moving faster, or easily been incorporated into mini lessons, content introductions, or adapted to be used as a primary learning activity for topics. What I love most is that the three subject areas, Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science are organized in easy to follow lessons, and aligned directly to learning objectives. You can also keep track of student progress, so that you can give them feedback. How awesome is that?

I would encourage any teacher looking for a tool that can be easily adapted for students with various learning styles to try Legends of Learning, and sign up for a free account. I’d also consider sharing this great resource with parents for summer learning. It’s great for keeping digital age students engaged and excited about learning.

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